Endangered Marine Life | #27


quick sketches of the 10 most endangered marine animals! did a bit of research when i did this and was shocked when i read the list. critically endangered animal populations are in the hundreds for some species. makes you think about the future of the world. i’ll be focusing more on endangered animals in my future art. i’m trying to improve the quality of my quick sketches!


Green Sea Turtles | ART


excited to announce that i’m going to take action for environmental issues! part of taking action involves raising awareness in my community, and i’ll  be attempting to do this through art! learn more about the endangered green turtles!

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Cafe | #24


this is just a rough sketch of a cute cafe i saw somewhere on the internet! it’s minimalist and the color scheme (a lovely pale blue and grey) really caught my eye! not a difficult sketch, but considering i haven’t drawn in two weeks, this was good enough to brush up my skills.

Cathedral | #20


been working on my line drawings! this is the second line drawing i’ve done and it’s much better than it used to be! although the drawing pens that i purchased don’t really seem to be really effective on this kind of paper? if you know what kind of paper i should be using for the ink-filled design pens, let me know!