Digital Cleanse | MINIMALISM


Minimalism is comprehensive decluttering – this includes your digital life. Here are a few tips on decluttering your laptop and your phone!

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Beige & Olive | OOTD


Since I began the 33 Capsule Closet program, my closet has become quite condensed. I have a tough  time sometimes mixing and matching my pieces, but I’ve become comfortably in both style and selection. Here’s a tip for utilizing long t-shirts!

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Capsule Wardrobes | MINIMALISM

Even with plenty of research, it’s hard to form a capsule wardrobe after finally solidifying your style. Here a few tips for those who – like me – are building up their wardrobe.

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33 Closet Project | MINIMALISM

Building a minimalist closet is an eye opening task. When you start off, the idea of owning 33 items in your closet seems refreshing from the utter clutter it used to be previously – however, as you progress, you start to learn exactly how difficult it is. Here are the most important concepts.

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Kindle vs. Books | MINIMALISM

despite following minimalism, i’ve always collected books. but i’ve begun to realize that this is something that i could possibly let go.

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Lifestyle Adjustments | MINIMALISM

after shifting over to a more minimalist lifestyle, i’ve made several changes in lifestyle and habit. i’ve listed out a few prominent ones that required extensive attention and work.

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before i shifted to the minimalist lifestyle, i did a ton of research to make sure i was getting the idea behind it and to ensure i did it right. here are the tops tips i have for those of you who want to adopt the minimalist lifestyle –

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