Hazel | MAKEUP


I used to prefer heavier makeup that made my eyes pop amidst the darker hues used. With a little bit of alteration, I’ve found a new go-to make up look that highlights my eyes and suits my rounder facial features.

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A quick overview of my latest experiment with my makeup kits! Here’s a revamp of the older plum look I’d done earlier this year.

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Naked Lips | MAKEUP



i always overdraw my lips since i prefer a subdued cupid’s bow, and i’ve never really gone without lipstick ever. this is probably my favorite simple look! here’s how you can get it!

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Mixing Lipcolors | MAKEUP


i’m not one for collecting anything, even my favorites: make up products and books. here’s how i mix and overlay my lipcolors to produce my trademark lipcolor and other new ones!

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Everyday Look | MAKEUP


i’ve never really liked spending a lot of time doing my make up. most of the looks i’ve posted were done in around ten to fifteen minutes. this is my everyday look that you can in less than ten minutes!

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