Harima | FOOD

Harima happens to be my favorite spot for Japanese food. I can’t frequent it due to the fact that it’s slightly out of my budget. During a recent trip, I tried out ramen and udon for the first time!

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Sakae Cont. | LIFESTYLE


I’d been to Sakae before to celebrate the ending of my Japanese course and had fallen in love with the yakisoba. I’d told myself that I would go back – and I did, quite a few times actually!

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How to Eat Sushi | FOOD


I recently found out how to eat sushi the traditional way and I was quite surprised at the different methods I learned – here’s the traditional Japanese way to eat sushi rolls!

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Language Learning Tips | LIFESTYLE


I know 7 languages now! Japanese is taking me some time and I’m simultaneously working on learning how to speak fluently in Marathi (an Indian language). Here are my top tips to becoming fluent in any language quickly.

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Nihongo Classes | JAPANESE


i’m a japanese a level student, and i’ve been wanting to learn more – but the japanese b level classes aren’t starting until the next even semester, and that’s months away. so i’m going to be conducting classes here to teach japanese from the basics to a levels and beyond so that i retain all that information while i wait! Continue reading Nihongo Classes | JAPANESE