Journaling | MINIMALISM


There’s an easy way I keep track of my progress – whether it be with Japanese or with Minimalism. I journal, and quite frequently so. Here are a few rewards I’ve reaped from this habit.

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Language Learning Tips | LIFESTYLE


I know 7 languages now! Japanese is taking me some time and I’m simultaneously working on learning how to speak fluently in Marathi (an Indian language). Here are my top tips to becoming fluent in any language quickly.

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Minimalism isn’t simply decluttering your life of material possessions. It means reordering and cleansing your life. Here are a few everyday habits you can adopt to reinforce your minimalist lifestyle and reap the full benefits from it.

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Lifestyle Adjustments | MINIMALISM

after shifting over to a more minimalist lifestyle, i’ve made several changes in lifestyle and habit. i’ve listed out a few prominent ones that required extensive attention and work.

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