Wok Paper Scissors | FOOD


Nevermind that I was forcibly dragged to Wok Paper Scissors, when I saw the restaurant and the little take away prep area below it, I was actually impressed. However, after ordering from the to-go stall, my expectations were shot down.

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Sakae Cont. | LIFESTYLE


I’d been to Sakae before to celebrate the ending of my Japanese course and had fallen in love with the yakisoba. I’d told myself that I would go back – and I did, quite a few times actually!

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How to Eat Sushi | FOOD


I recently found out how to eat sushi the traditional way and I was quite surprised at the different methods I learned – here’s the traditional Japanese way to eat sushi rolls!

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Top 10 Tastiest Chicken Recipes You Need To Try | Editorial

teriyaki chicken.jpg

Chicken is a staple item in many people’s diets and is consumed around the world in large contents. Ever wonder how people around the world make this delicacy work on the palate? These are the top 10 chicken dishes that’ll make your mouth water.

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