Tibetan Food | LIFESTYLE


10I’ve always been a fan of Tibetan food and especially what you can get in hidden restaurants all over the city.

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this tibetan spice-pot dish is not very well known, but it’s a treasured treat for those who love to get out there and indulge in a little heartburn.

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Hard Rock Cafe | VLOG

Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore hosted a cocktail masterclass, where participants – limited to invited bloggers and other personalities – learned how to prepare a variety of cocktails! Here’s a quick vlog about the masterclass, an interview, and the wrapping up of the entire day with a wine and cheese event!

Big Straw | REVIEW



big straw, located at st.marks road, has probably the best black currant boba i’ve ever tasted! their taro is quite unique, they’ve modified the taste a bit meaning it could use some work to reach cali standards, and so is the food!

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