University Lifestyle | MINIMALISM

Being a minimalist with a leaning towards zero waste in university is difficult. Here are a few tips to help stick to the minimalist lifestyle in college.

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Decision Fatigue | MINIMALISM

What exactly is decision fatigue? It’s the decreasing quality of decision making during a long process of decision making and it happens to everyone! Here’s how to deal with this by implementing minimalism.

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Zero Waste & Minimalism | MINIMALISM

Minimalism and zero waste are quite different (the first hinges on decluttering while the second says nothing should be wastefully discarded), but come together in their concepts of frugal/simple living.

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Digital vs. Analog | MINIMALISM


Is it more effective to manage life mostly digitally or is it better to return to the analog basics?

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Decluttering the Mind | MINIMALISM

One of the most important aspects of minimalism is decluttering. While cleansing the home and going through belongings is vital, taking care of the body and mind is just as important.

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Wardrobe Staples: The Shirt | MINIMALISM


Here’s the latest addition to my capsule closet, which has reached a total of 37 items. I’ve become rather fond of the versatility of shirts!

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University Minimalism | MINIMALISM



Minimalism can be quite difficult to apply to all aspects of life. I found it rather taxing to declutter university things and continue to find troublesome the maintenance of a minimalist university lifestyle. Here are some tips from my experiments so far!

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