Michel Foucault | LITERATURE


Michel Foucault is a well known philosopher amongst literary critics. His work – primarily around discourse and Foucauldian Discourse remain quite popular. One of his works studying the structure of power is his work Discipline and Punish.

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The Silmarillion | LITERATURE


the silmarillion has been on my to-read list on my goodreads for a long time. i just purchased it this week and i’m beyond excited to finally read it! i want to read it in one sitting but in my excitement, i read the creation myth about the illuvatar, and needless to say: i was left squealing! this is a must read for any LOTR fan our there. tolkien really does outdo himself with this particular work.

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Sakhalin Island | LITERATURE

sakhalin island.png

sakhalin island is anton chekhov’s account of his travel and documentation of the siberian prisons. considered an astonishingly brilliant journalist piece, sakhalin island delves into the intricacies of the lives of the inhabitants of the prison and more.

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Dante’s Inferno | LITERATURE


alma editions are wonderful when it comes to classics: they not only provide annotations, footnotes, and illustrations, but also have a whole biography and analysis of the text in the end of the book. dante’s inferno is the first one of his divine comedy and i’ve been wanting to read it since years but was put off by his style of verse.

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Collections | MINIMALISM


i’m an avid reader and my major is honors in literature: which means i require a pretty big collection of books (not borrowed since i need to annotate and use them for research papers). this whole book collection concept clashes with my minimalist lifestyle, so i’ve come up with a good way to cut down!

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