Digital vs. Analog | MINIMALISM


Is it more effective to manage life mostly digitally or is it better to return to the analog basics?

I’ve found that while transferring most of my data to digital storage and maintaining long term goals digitally is the best way to keep track of those things. Monthly and yearly lists have really helped me prioritize and get things done. Carrying over goals also occurs easily when you’ve got it all listed out. I prefer lists because they don’t really force a time constraint on you and you can take your time to do things or accomplish tasks as they occur real time.

However, for short term goals, listicles and bullet journaling have shown the most success rate. These help track habits and chunked goals better and I’ve noticed that I stick to my routines this way: gym routines, dieting habits, and cleaning cycles. When I write things down, I automatically scrutinize the necessity of such things and determine time constraints for them.

It’s not really a mix of both for me I suppose: long term stays digital and short term works better if it’s analog. Overall however, the management of my life is split rather evenly between digital and analog! How do you keep track of things?



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