Tibetan Food | LIFESTYLE


10I’ve always been a fan of Tibetan food and especially what you can get in hidden restaurants all over the city.

Tibetan food is simple yet diverse and simply affordable. I frequent my favorite restaurants: Khawa Kharpo, Taste of Tibet, and Yak’s Kitchen more than necessary. What really draws me to Tibetan food is the simplicity of the dishes and the spicy tang of their spices and sauces. I prefer simpler foods like three to five ingredient main courses and these places provide that along with the distinct Tibetan spice.

Whether it’s Chilli Garlic Chicken Noodles, Fried Chicken Momo, Beef Shaptra, or Beef Laphing, the dishes don’t range beyond $5 each and the amount they serve is enough for two (not the in the case of Laphing)!


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