Decluttering the Mind | MINIMALISM

One of the most important aspects of minimalism is decluttering. While cleansing the home and going through belongings is vital, taking care of the body and mind is just as important.

When you relax your mind, you’ll free up mental space that will help develop clarity in your thinking. Here are the four methods that I frequently employ to give my mind a boost and cleanse it of all the things that crowd it.

  • Eliminate all the unnecessary things from your mind by prioritizing. Make a list of things you need to do and the list of things you want to do and adjust accordingly. However, when you’re in university like me, things need to get done. For this I recommend effective time management via lists and trackers.
  • I never multi-task. I occasionally listen to music whilst writing out the blog posts or while cleaning my room but never while I study or complete my assignments. I try to enter the flow state whenever I study.
  • Try to be decisive and limit decision-fatigue. I have a set of clothes that I wear to university on repeat and meal plan. I plan ahead and pack early so I don’t have to waste time making unnecessary decisions for everything.
  • I simply do less. This can do wonders. When you prioritize and manage time, you’ll find that there are simply a less amount of things to do. I try to limit the flow of information and chunk my learning. Learn and work smart not hard.
  • Connect with nature by walking or visiting parks. Take time to be by yourself!

These habits make university life much more enjoyable for me. I spend enough time with myself and enough time working and studying. How do you balance your life and ensure a soothing state of mind


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