Wardrobe Staples: The Shirt | MINIMALISM


Here’s the latest addition to my capsule closet, which has reached a total of 37 items. I’ve become rather fond of the versatility of shirts!

I generally prefer to wear trousers and a loose top. This type of outfit usually ends up looking rather casual and shirts are the perfect way to go for a semi-formal or formal look. I’m still hunting for other types of shirts to compliment the loose trousers that make up half of my closet. With something as plain and striking as formal shirts, I can pair them with jeans and even my favorite Adidas trousers, both the fitted ones and the loose-fit ones!

I probably will not go for prints or those with short sleeves. Plain colors in different materials are the best for trousers and loose cotton ones compliment jeans rather splendidly. White shirts are not my style, so I will not be adding one to my closet any time soon! How do you wear shirts?

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