Hazel | MAKEUP


I used to prefer heavier makeup that made my eyes pop amidst the darker hues used. With a little bit of alteration, I’ve found a new go-to make up look that highlights my eyes and suits my rounder facial features.

As I’ve gotten older, my facial features have changed. I’ve also started eating healthier and working out more frequently and this lifestyle alteration has brought in a plethora of changes in my facial features. A thinner face with a loss of cheek fat has made me realize that the old makeup look no longer suits.


The alterations include a more prominent blush in a lighter shade of salmon. I’ve also swapped out the darker lipsticks for light ones, especially brown and pinkish tinges (despite this I’m still on the fence about red and pink as full lipsticks, I generally use them as tints or blend them in for a tinted-lips look). I no longer outline my lips and use the natural arch.

My brows are done lighter, with a rounded arch and highlighted under arch. I switched out darker/glittering eyeshadows for a matte nude palette that matches most of my brown lipsticks. I cut see-through bangs to cover my long forehead and keep my countenance young. Despite this, the looks I use now are much more mature than all of my previous ones (in my eyes of course).

What do you think of the alterations in my makeup?


8 thoughts on “Hazel | MAKEUP”

  1. You’re so pretty! Yes I prefer lighter makeup now but I used to love heavy dark makeup that made my dark eyes pop! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog too x

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