Blues | OOTD


I’ve been sitting duck at home and decided to head out quite a few times during July despite the fact I had mid semester tests coming up. Here’s a favorite outfit of mine that I wore recently.

I wore a simple single pocket shirt and wore a floral kimono on top. I prefer to wear trousers these days so I opted for loose-fit black trousers and black flats. I usually bring out the jeans during colder weather but fortunately it hasn’t hit the lows yet here.

Since I was merely out with family, I chose my black cross-body bag, one of my favorites since it has a cute little pompom! I kept the makeup simple and hair up (I’ve been wearing buns since my hair is at the awkward grow-out phase!)



I’ve recently started doing yoga and working out in addition to dieting! I’ve successfully lost around 4 kgs in two weeks! If you want to see a post on how I’ve been maintaining my diet and slowly losing weight, let me know in the comments!


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