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My hair is at that awkward grow-out phase and I’ve been attempting to keep it healthy this time around. Here’s a small make up post of the new routine I’ve adopted during my hiatus!

I’d actually been aiming to cut down on makeup entirely, but I’ve since then realized that makeup does come in handy on several occasions. I’ve dropped my products down to concealer, mascara, and eyeshadow. I rarely do my brows with a pencil any longer, I prefer to get it cleaned and sport it naturally.

Thanks to this – and various other circumstances – my skin has cleared up considerably. I’ve also begun to limit the places I wear makeup to. Perhaps I’ll be looking into healthier makeup brands and styles for my acne-prone skin in the future! Going for a softer look has really helped my skin out these past few months!


2 thoughts on “Soft & Natural | Beauty”

    1. I’ve started to watch how I handle my wet hair, I don’t towel dry anymore after cold showers and I wear hair ties at home so my hair can breathe. I’ve also started applying coconut oil on a weekly basis! That’s just about it! πŸ™‚

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