Wok Paper Scissors | FOOD


Nevermind that I was forcibly dragged to Wok Paper Scissors, when I saw the restaurant and the little take away prep area below it, I was actually impressed. However, after ordering from the to-go stall, my expectations were shot down.

The to-go stall at Wok Paper Scissors does offer a variety of choices in direct contradiction to its small size. While the choices may seem wonderful for those who are first timers, I’ll warn you now that they aren’t going to seem as stellar when they’re stuffed inside the small box.

Although the quality of the food is above average, what they fall short on is packaging and side dishes. They don’t always seem to have the sides and beverages and these things are really a must when you’re ordering to-go.

I’m probably going to reserve further judgement for when I try food at the restaurant upstairs. So until then, no rating!


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