Digital Cleanse | MINIMALISM


Minimalism is comprehensive decluttering – this includes your digital life. Here are a few tips on decluttering your laptop and your phone!

When decluttering your papers, you might have made digital copies of them and stored them in your laptop or computer. Go through your laptop and delete old unnecessary files. Organize files and media in terms of date or content and be sure to go through them and delete ones you no longer require. Clear out your desktop and taskbar – I keep only Chrome and File Explorer on my taskbar. Constantly go through and update your files.

Cleansing your phone begins with social media cleansing. Delete the various accounts your may have littered across the web and keep only the few that have value or the few that you use. I personally make use of only Twitter and very rarely Instagram. The next step is decluttering the media on your phone – find an external source for storage. I screenshot notes on my phone and after transferring them to paper – immediately delete their digital counterpart. Contacts and Apps should also be fine-combed. Decluttering your phone allows you to step away from it and see the other uses than you can develop for your phone!


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