Journaling | MINIMALISM


There’s an easy way I keep track of my progress – whether it be with Japanese or with Minimalism. I journal, and quite frequently so. Here are a few rewards I’ve reaped from this habit.

Journaling has helped me record my expenses and progress in several areas. I budget and spend accordingly. Making lists for everything from clothes to necessities to groceries has helped me stick to my budget and relegate my expenses.

In addition to this, I use journaling as a habit tracker. Recording new habits and eliminating bad ones is also easier when you know what to eliminate and how to do so. I keep several lists: physical habits, mental habits, etc. This has quickened my progress with reforming my habits. Other benefits I’ve seen from journalism include improved time management as I now work vigorously to ensure that I meet my deadlines and productivity – journaling has made prioritizing much easier.

I keep two ledgers: one for lifetime habits and information and another for odd notes that I take. From this rough  one I then transfer it into the hardbound grey one in the picture above. I do keep another softbound notebook for Japanese, but not Russian or Spanish as they are not a priority. Journaling really does help get life on track!


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