Nike & Adidas | LIFESTYLE


I adore both brands – for both quality and variety – and have a small collection of their products that make up around a quarter of my capsule closet. However, each has pros and cons that I take into consideration when shopping for their products.

Adidas has some of the oddest quirkiest items I’ve seen – ranging from athletic to high fashion – and I simply adore their men’s collection. I often shop here rather than at Nike for t-shirts and such because their men’s collection is quite affordable and plain. I don’t buy any of the women’s products, in India this segment is molded more for fashion than as plain athletic wear. Adidas shoes now, I’m not fond of. Superstar is one of the only two lines of footwear from Adidas I like.

Nike however, for me, does poorly in clothing. I haven’t yet found any suitable clothing options from Nike. Yet Nike does superbly in the footwear department. I adore the entire Roshe line and its offshoots. Not only are they lightweight and comfortable, they come moderately priced. I tend to gravitate towards Adidas for clothing and Nike for shoes: however, I will be looking into more formal wear for the capsule closet next.


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