I’ve nearly finished decluttering my closet and this segment is one that I’ve just recently accomplished. Here is a comprehensive list for footwear in a minimalist closet.

Heels are a necessity. Opt for either shades of black or neutral colors. Such hues work well with a variety of outfits. The pair you select should then work with formal attire as well as informal ones.

Another staple is sneakers: either athletic or a mere statement piece. This is necessary for both informal and formal occasions and also acts as something to fall back on when physical activities are involved.

Sandals for the lazy casual days. I picked a nude block sandal that works with formal outfits as well.  When selecting pieces for my wardrobe, I ensure they have a multiplicity of uses outside their normative one. Have a pair of flip flops as well.

These are the four staple footwear items that a minimalist requires in their wardrobe. Others may switch out an item for more popular items such as boots or slip ons. Remember to personalize the wardrobe to suit you!


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