Beige & Olive | OOTD

Since I began the 33 Capsule Closet program, my closet has become quite condensed. I have a tough time sometimes mixing and matching my pieces, but I’ve become comfortable in both style and selection. Here’s a tip for utilizing long t-shirts!

As in the outfit above, I generally tend to layer long shirts with either a bomber jacket or a sweater. I make sure that the color of the sweater or the jacket compliments not contrasts that the of the top. For longer lengths, I wear the bomber jacket or the Nike/Adidas black jackets and with one of slightly higher length, I opt for a sweater. However, I tend to reserve the sweaters for regular length tops!

The two long length tops I have serve as dresses as well – so I will no longer be purchasing more of those. I have only 5-7 spaces left in my capsule wardrobe before I will do a complete capsule wardrobe pos


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