Soft Toned | MAKEUP


I’ve changed the way I do my makeup recently. I used to emphasize my lips and not my eyes whilst keeping my foundation and concealer light. Here’s how I changed up my makeup to suit me better.

Changing up my foundation and using a BB cream has not only done wonders for the base of my look but it’s also made my face overall cleaner as I’m less sensitive to it. Using a BB cream instead of heavy foundation makes the makeup seem a bit more matte after spraying primer. In addition to this, I’ve gone and changed the tones of brown that I’ve been using – instead of using lighter shades of brown, I now use darker shades of brown.

I tend to do my brows a little thinner now that I have larger glasses. Thicker brows were better when they were clearly visible over the rim of my glasses, but with these frames, even thin brows look thick.

I’m planning on trying out a few different shades of red and purple for new make up looks since I rarely wear them, so I’ll post updated makeup looks soon! If you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments below!


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