Top 10 Tastiest Chicken Recipes You Need To Try | Editorial

teriyaki chicken.jpg

Chicken is a staple item in many people’s diets and is consumed around the world in large contents. Ever wonder how people around the world make this delicacy work on the palate? These are the top 10 chicken dishes that’ll make your mouth water.

  1. Chicken Curry


This dish is popular in South and SouthEast Asia and the Caribbean. It’s a versatile dish – it can make you cry from it’s spiciness or it can make you cringe from sugar overload.


  1. Chicken Fry


Fried chicken is usually broiler chicken that is either deep or pressure fried. It’s a treat when its crunchy and has that soft inner layer – but when it gets soggy? Ew.


  1. Chicken Kebab


The Kebab, made of chunks of marinated chicken skewed on a stick – shows your palate heaven: one bite at a time. It ranges from spicy to sweet and is often embellished with fruits and veggies dangling between the chunks of meat.


  1. Chicken and Rice


Chicken and rice works wonders for a hungry soul: pick and choose the flavor, have it seep into the rice and enjoy a marinated and tangy rise based dish.


  1. Chicken Skillet


The Chicken Skillet – tender pieces swiveled about and cooked in a gravy bursting with flavor – is the best treat for your taste buds. Easy to cook and with plenty of variations, this dish makes you want to lick the pan clean.


  1. Chicken Wings


You already this knew this was coming.


  1. General Tso’s Chicken

General Tso's Chicken

General Tso knows exactly how to make his chicken –  strong and tender – it’s sweet, spicy, and fried


  1. Spicy Chicken Spareribs


This baked dish is bound to make you cry from joy – and from spice content. Proceed with caution.


  1. Tandoori Chicken


Tandoori chicken – coming from India – is one of the best chicken dishes. It’s thoroughly flavored and spicy enough to make you take more than a few trips to the bathroom. Garnish with lemon and enjoy the spice fest.


  1. Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken teriyaki is the ultimate chicken dish. It’s got the spiciness and the tanginess for complementing everything from rice to tortillas. If you haven’t had this yet, start hunting for a teriyaki stall!


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