Language Learning Tips | LIFESTYLE


I know 7 languages now! Japanese is taking me some time and I’m simultaneously working on learning how to speak fluently in Marathi (an Indian language). Here are my top tips to becoming fluent in any language quickly.

  1. Surround yourself with your target language – Music in your target language is the most important. Be sure to learn to the scripts thoroughly if you can – if not, get podcasts or record yourself and listen to it intermittently throughout the day or the week.
  2. Study Daily – Study a little bit daily or revise daily. It’s actually enough if you can bring in your target language into your daily life until it becomes cemented.  I mentally translate things/sentences into my target language as the day goes by.
  3. Learn through practice – Simply reading doesn’t help. If it’s the script: write, write, write. If it’s speaking skills – carry out conversations with yourself or others.
  4. Long term commitment – If you really want to be fluent in a language, you need to have long term commitment: you need to work to learn it and work to remember it. It should be easier to recall once you learn it thoroughly.
  5. Self Study – Research and find out about the language yourself. This is more effective in cementing the information in your mind.

These are my top tips for learning a language quickly: but the most important point is that you should be invested in the language yourself – have a strong reason and strong conviction about learning the language.


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