On the Road | LITERATURE


Started reading On the Road a few days ago – I realized that this text is not a favorite of mine and skimmed through the last few pages. Written in first person and with the plot moving rather linearly and sluggishly, it’s not one of my more liked choices.

There will be books that you simply cannot stomach: and that’s perfectly alright. As an avid reader who on average completes more than 100 books per year – I can assure you that setting aside a few choices simple because you cannot read them, is perfectly acceptable.

On the Road, very much like Pride and Prejudice, is one of the pieces I did not enjoy: largely due it’s plot progression and writing style. Perhaps the next Beat text I pick up will surprise me, as Allen Ginsberg did. Overall, the beginning of the text was relatively enjoyable so maybe a 6/10 rating?


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