Minimalism isn’t simply decluttering your life of material possessions. It means reordering and cleansing your life. Here are a few everyday habits you can adopt to reinforce your minimalist lifestyle and reap the full benefits from it.

Start slowly, and take your time to implement these in your life. It takes time to get used to the lifestyle. The benefits of these tips can only be fully realized if they are followed consistently, but the results are impacting and long lasting..

Eat Healthy

Apply minimalism to your food choices. Instead of calorie loaded food, eat simply. Opt for simple home cooked meals rather than eating out frequently. Load up on the right amount of vegetables: never shirk them. Drink plenty of water. Before you head to a restaurant, always remind yourself of what and how much you’re going to eat, so that you’re not influenced by other orders and remember – don’t impulse order!

Work Smart 

Working smart differs from simply working all the time. Quality of time spent on a project is what  matters. The intense and focus you apply to your work is what determines the outcome. Work diligently by learning and improving your critical thinking, taking breaks, and prioritizing your tasks. Time management is one of the skills that you might want to master first. Learn to focus on one task at a time, let go of multitasking.

Eat the Frog 

Complete your hardest task first. Take the plunge. Start working. Don’t put it off for later. Once you start working, everything else falls into place. The tendency to procrastinate fades away as you put yourself into your work intensely and commit to it fully.

Clean Regularly

Things only stay clean for so long. Some things require you clean them more frequently. Don’t put it off. A majority of people spend at least 30-60 minutes cleaning in a day. If you’re done with decluttering, cleaning becomes simple and consumes less time. Don’t put cleaning off: it builds up and you’ll be horrified later with the result.

Other than these, there are plenty more tips floating around on the internet for you to discover. I did intensive research, finding tips and figuring out what I could use took a long time and I still continue to adapt today. These are the fundamentals of any habit that I decide to form or adopt.

Let me know if there are any habits you’ve been following for a long time that have healthy benefits!


4 thoughts on “Everyday Habits | MINIMALIST LIVING”

  1. Love this! Cleaning is a big one for me recently, my room is no tiny that if I don’t put things their place my space automatically looks cluttered. Another thing I’ve started doing is making lists of things I wanna buy instead of just buying them impulsively. I do that with everything: books, clothing items, etc. :)) x

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    1. Thank you! I tend to keep lists for most things as well. When you make a list, you automatically think critically about a certain item’s relevance and utility. Good luck and please do drop by for a future post on organization tips!

      Liked by 1 person

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