33 Closet Project | MINIMALISM

Building a minimalist closet is an eye opening task. When you start off, the idea of owning 33 items in your closet seems refreshing from the utter clutter it used to be previously – however, as you progress, you start to learn exactly how difficult it is. Here are the most important concepts.

The 33 item wardrobe is the perfect finish to a minimalist lifestyle. This is not as easy to accomplish as many think it is. Decluttering your closet is the first step. Once that is finished, you may be still left with a lot of items. Further clearing out might leave with you less. I was left with very less.

Important things to remember when constructing your wardrobe:

  1. Solidify your style.
  2. Don’t impulse shop.
  3. Cover the basics.
  4. Have a few indulgent pieces.

Solidify your style: following trends blindly leads to a collection of trend based clothing in your wardrobe that you may regret and never wear after the trend has passed. Never impulse shop: know your style, the clothes that you like, and your budget. Keep a list and follow that list. I keep a list of items that I would like in my closet and another one of what I already have. Comparing these, I then decide what I need in my wardrobe.

Make sure you cover all the basics. Do you need formal clothing for your job? Need a casual dress for the parties you sometimes attend? Keep a few pieces that are pure indulgences. I’d like to keep some items such a bomber jacket and an extra shoe. Take your time building this collection. At the moment, I barely own 20 items in my closet. I may post both the lists I mentioned so you can see how I plan to go about this.

Good luck in building your minimalist closet readers!


2 thoughts on “33 Closet Project | MINIMALISM”

  1. I love the part about solidifying your style. I have realized that a lot of the current styles, particularly the clothes that are more minimalist or androgynous, are simply not flattering on my figure, even though I like them on other people. My first capsule was full of a lot of these clothes and it took me a while to figure out why I was unhappy with it. I am now slowly trading out my trendy but unflattering clothes for items that make me feel better when I wear them.

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    1. That’s it! I used to follow trending styles, but now I simply pick what I feel comfortable in. From colors to material- I’ve been slowly finding what suits me and more importantly – what makes me feel good. Good luck! Hope this one turns out beautifully! ❤


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