Kindle vs. Books | MINIMALISM

despite following minimalism, i’ve always collected books. but i’ve begun to realize that this is something that i could possibly let go.

i tend to collect books based on genre and author: only classics and generally mostly russian authors make it onto my shelf. however, i’ve recently observed that i don’t go through the books after i’ve read it once. there might not be a need after all, to collect all the books i adore.

kindle is best alternative. not only can you buy, store, and read books – you save space and time. thought you may delete a purchase from your kindle, it remains in your account. the valuable time invested into hunting for a copy and the storage space required – all cut down.

despite this, i argue that it might be beneficial to own evergreen such as orwell’s animal farm or 1984, or the 7 habits of successful people. keep a prized few you’re inclined to go through over and over.

the rest? indulge in a kindle or some similar reading device.


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