Lifestyle Adjustments | MINIMALISM

after shifting over to a more minimalist lifestyle, i’ve made several changes in lifestyle and habit. i’ve listed out a few prominent ones that required extensive attention and work.

one of the first aspects of my life that i altered was my productivity levels. following several tips i’d garnered off pinterest and other websites, i slowly began to engineer a system that would work well for me.

the list and task system is the one i use to boost productivity and work smarter. productivity is not simply working all the time, but rather, working smartly. by keeping lists and developing positive reinforcement through rewards i complete my daily tasks. i keep only three main tasks per day: i usually list out all of them and then prioritize.

living-with-less is a mantra i repeat when i leave home. i’m always tempted to acquire things i actually don’t require. i remind myself whenever i’m tempted that what i have is more than enough and there’s not really a need to expand beyond my current possessions. in addition to this, i cut down on spending by critically examining a product: by analyzing my need for it, by thinking of alternatives i have or could acquire for it that might be better.

perhaps the last- and most prominent of the changes- is my shift in mentality. minimalism has allowed for more me-time: i spend more time focused on my interests which enable growth of my skill set and knowledge, rather than scrolling on social media or other sites. i take time out for myself and find that i think much clearer than i did when things sat cluttered in my mind.

i’ll be posting about having a minimalist computer! sorry i’ve been absent- finals are over and i’ll be getting back to things gradually.


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