Darker Browns | MAKEUP


this is a look i’ve been wearing out a lot recently. it focuses on sharp and dark lips and natural face. it’s a good look if you want to your lips to pop and highlight a light eye color.

i’ve worn minimal make up here. i didn’t use a bb cream to make my face brighter, and let my natural skin tone compliment the dark tone of the lipstick. i did use highlight, just brushed it on lightly over my the beginnings of my cheekbones and a little on my nose. i kept my brows thick and natural looking with no sharp curves. the eyeshadow i’ve worn is a light shade of brown and compliments the lipstick while making my eyes stand out subtly.

i don’t have a lot of photos from the day, but these show the overall look i was going for. i wore black because i didn’t want the look to pop too much. this look is ideal for either dark shades and also for nude shades! let me know what kind of make up look you would like to see! i’ve also been thinking of expanding and trying out new shades!


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