Adidas | OOTD

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-22 at 10.00.28 PM

after finishing off my capsule closet, or at least after developing a solid style bank, i’ve been able to find my ideal style! this outfit signifies how my style is going to be in the future.

i look for comfortable, affordable, and versatile clothes that suit my picky tastes. adidas is, as you can probably figure out, one of my favorite stores to hit. i love their simple, minimalist collections and i like to match them with the various other basics i do have.

this outfit is a basic one, with coordinated simple colors and accentuated adidas add ons. i’ve worn simple make up that highlights my eyes, but wore dark lips to contrast the lighter colors of my outfit (wearing true brown k on my lips).

i’m also very fond of caps and i purchased this white one i pair up with almost all my outfits very often! i’m in the process of deciding to get a baby pink one, which i think might let the outfits pop more! this basic style is comfortable, affordable, and it’s also unique! let me know what you think of this change!

check out my youtube for a lookbook video about this outfit:


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