Toscano | FOOD


toscano opened a few weeks ago in forum mall, and i went there as soon as i could for a taste of it’s famous italian dishes!

although i didn’t order much since i can’t eat heavy anymore, my family did! pasta, spaghetti, a dessert, and chicken slices were all that we ordered. the choices were flexible: our waiter was wonderfully accommodating when we requested that a few changes be made to our dishes (i’m not too fond of broccoli).

i had bacon, mushroom, and olive spaghetti. this unique dish had just the right blend of flavors, wasn’t over processed and it’s safe to say this is my favorite spaghetti dish as this does one better than spaghetti and meatballs. the chicken slices were rather bland so i overdosed them on tobasco hot sauce.

toscano’s ambience is definitely a ten, but their menu is a tad overpriced. for four items, our bill came around $50. while i’m itching to go back there, i’m also a university student so i have to watch my wallet! thank you toscano for the wonderful food, and exceptional service!


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