Dante’s Inferno | LITERATURE


alma editions are wonderful when it comes to classics: they not only provide annotations, footnotes, and illustrations, but also have a whole biography and analysis of the text in the end of the book. dante’s inferno is the first one of his divine comedy and i’ve been wanting to read it since years but was put off by his style of verse.

i’m at the part where dante and virgil descend into the 8th circle in the inferno right now and i’m hooked. it’s hard to find these types of books in stores here in india, but i’m searching right now for the next two parts (purgatory and paradise if i’m not mistaken), and i’m hoping to get the alma classics edition of them.

this edition includes the original italian prose alongside it’s english translation, which is not as convoluted as i had expected it to be. dante’s divine comedy is considered one of the most influential works to come out of europe!

on another note, i’m on goodreads! i’ve been following a list titled “most influential books in history”, so at the moment, those are my priorities. so i’m setting aside dostoyevsky for a while so i can through the books in that particular list: so far i’ve read around 20? my next book is the decameron by boccaccio.

what do you think are some of the most influential books in history?


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