Naked Lips | MAKEUP



i always overdraw my lips since i prefer a subdued cupid’s bow, and i’ve never really gone without lipstick ever. this is probably my favorite simple look! here’s how you can get it!

for this look, i wanted to make my eyes stand out but in a more natural manner: and you all know i’m overly fond of brown eyeshadows. i’ve used colorbar’s dark brown eyeshadow and applied until the crease. i did my brows a bit lighter here, not think and pronounced.

i’ve used the loreal concealer in 5-6-7, a shade lighter than i’m used since my skin treatment has been making my skin lighter, and piled on that highlight! i’ve also applied a bit to my nose. i haven’t touched my lips at all: i just lightly scrubbed them with my toothbrush to exfoliate them and plump them up!

after this look, i’m interested in trying out different styles of faux natural makeup. i’m also looking to expand past dark eyeshadows! what kind of looks do you think suit me? what kind of make up looks do you want to see?



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