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i’m an avid reader and my major is honors in literature: which means i require a pretty big collection of books (not borrowed since i need to annotate and use them for research papers). this whole book collection concept clashes with my minimalist lifestyle, so i’ve come up with a good way to cut down!

there are a few books my lecturers make mandatory to have: criticism and theory books; other books which are a part of the mandatory syllabus. apart from these, i purchase books from my favorite authors to keep in my physical collection! in order to cut down, i’ve started to use a kindle: the original one, not the paperwhite!

having all the other books there is really helpful: more storage, easy to annotate and locate passages and make notes; a lot of books are free; and carry it around it no problem! this has helped reduce my book collection drastically, but i’m still drawn towards classics: i have way too many of them.

as part of the minimalist 30 day cleanse: i’ll be cleaning out the book collection! i’m not sure yet what i want to keep and what i want to donate, but the kindle is probably the best choice i’ve made in a while!

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