Mixing Lipcolors | MAKEUP


i’m not one for collecting anything, even my favorites: make up products and books. here’s how i mix and overlay my lipcolors to produce my trademark lipcolor and other new ones!

the lip color i’ve worn here is my favorite – a mix and match of three other colors! i’ve worn the loreal brown lipliner as a base and added colorbar: innocent brown as a layer on top! there’s nothing special to it. i usually prefer a thick coat of lipstick so this is better since the double application thickens the coat.

this look is fairly quick and easy: the basic concealer and just a touch of highlighter blended near my not-so-prominent-invisible cheekbones. i’ve been partial to eyeliner these days and kept the mascara light since my lashes are a bit damaged! i’ve also grown out my brows and maintained them thicker than usual to suit this look. this is the makeup look i’m wearing frequently these days: a little dull like the weather.

hopefully i can get back to much brighter browns and darker eyeshadows after this season! what do you think of duller, faded colors as a makeup palette? (lighting really is key in getting a great selfie~)


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