Minimalist Living

i’ve always lived a cluttered and stressed out life when i came across this new simple, minimalist way of living. living minimalist has not only done wonders for my mental health, but also for my physical and emotional well being. here’s how i’ve started off.

one of the first things i did was declutter. not right away and in great dumps, but methodically and in intervals. initially i removed all the things i’d been hoarding that had no value: old items i’d held onto thanks to attachment and memories that had no utility in my life. then i’d gone through two rounds, each a week apart and removed the duplicates i had of everything.

it’s difficult to live with only one or two when you’d been living with the entire store before, so this process of removing duplicates took a while. the only thing that remains is my book collection, which i require since my major is honors in literature. i’ve curbed the collection down as well, however, by getting a kindle where i can store, buy, and discard books without consuming too much space and time.

i’m currently in the last fork of the journey: figuring out my unique style. this relates to how i maintain my home and wardrobe and also determines the future purchases i make. i’m still settling between boho and street.

there’s been a lot of physical changes in my life, which has directly impacted my habits and mental health, making it better and lighter. it’s only been one month and i’m still in the process of decluttering!

the blog is also going to undergo major change, so please bear with it until the new and improved layout is finished! see you guys soon, and let me know what your viewpoint about minimalism and the lifestyle is!


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