Bylakuppe | TRAVEL



my best friend from the bay came over, and this is her last trip here for a few years. i wanted to do something special, and the trip to her beautiful hometown came into being.

located in coorg, the tibetan settlement is largely agrarian and is surrounded by lush cornfields. the community is small and tight-knit: they’re welcoming and friendly! the experience was personal, since i lived with my best friend in her house. she showed me around and the knowledge she possessed as a local gave me the gift of seeing this place from an entirely unique and different perspective.

i’m grateful i went on this trip and to her. life has been stressful and hectic recently, and with the added burden of knowing this is the last time she’ll be coming around for while, things hadn’t been going so well. this trip is special: the experience, the people, the lifestyle; the small things made this trip count: the local laphing stand, the lake, her favorite spot.

bylakuppe was wonderful. the monasteries, the fields, the lakes, the people, the animals, the symbiotic community holding respect for others and living together in a relaxing, calming lifestyle. i may not return or visit, but this trip has really changed things for me.




here’s another one of me in the cornfield. we loved this place and stopped by quite a few times.




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