Meghana’s Foods | REVIEW


meghana’s foods is popularly known as meghana’s biryani for its special biryani that everyone is a fan of! i keep heading over these, so i thought i’d review it despite the fact it’s already a solid ten!


meghana’s has the perfect ambiance for an indian family and for friends; it’s not your classy and fashionable place. it’s perfect for cozy little lunches were you can laugh at your friends who struggle to eat the traditional spicy biryani.

the food is affordable and the menu is pretty lengthy, so there’s no need to head there with heavy wallets, but i can guarantee you’ll leave with a heavy stomach! i usually tend to pick the boneless chicken biryani, which by the way, comes with everything you can see in the photos above. the chicken lollipops were a bit different than the ones you tend to find everywhere normally.


meghana’s is the place for you if you want good biryani at an affordable price, and if you want to eat something spicy enough to make you cry!


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