need a nude look that matches everything? this is the one i use for all of my much cuter themed outfits!

it’s pretty simple: lighter brows, pale eyeshadow, and slightly peach toned lips. i’ve worn eyeliner here since i thought it completed the use of the choker (i’m not fond of them, but i liked this look a little too much to take it off!), and my brows aren’t shaded in thickly.

here i’ve worn my matte brown colorbar eyeshadow lightly and not past the crease of my eyelid. i’ve also dabbed it over my bottom lashline a bit to accentuate my eyes. the highlight of this look is probably my new shorter, curlier hair! the reason why i decided to try a cuter look Β is mainly because my new hair works better that way. i haven’t worn extensive foundation or concealer, instead i’ve covered up my dark circles with a good bb cream and applied it evenly to the rest of my face and neck!

i’m not usually inclined to be cute/dress cute/act cute, but this look is the perfect balance between cutesy and street! i’m probably going to go choker hunting now!


the last one! the lady at the parlor made my eyebrows a lot thinner than they usually are so i’m going to take my time to grow them. what do you think of this look? it’s a quick and simple one that works well with nearly any cutesy or monochrome outfit! i’ll also have a post up about this outfit soon!


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