Cafe Mangi | REVIEW


cafe mangi is the right place to go if you want the best pricey drinks and italian food in perhaps all of central bangalore!

cafe mangi is my bff’s favorite, so we end up there more often than not since orion mall is her “crib”. having gone there often, i’ve tried out a wide range of what they offer and the one thing i recommend you must try: their pizzas. a thin crust loaded with toppings, just one will suffice for nearly three people! with a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian options, you’re bound to fall in love with this classic.

their pastas are pretty good too. this time, the boyfriend (thankfully not mine), ordered a pesto pasta made with medium sized pappardelle that filled me up right away!


if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably know all about my obsession with blueberry cheesecake! i freaked out when i saw it on the menu, and then i just had to order one – though here the whole ‘blueberry’ aspect was  lacking.

nevertheless, cafe mangi is still high up on my list of favorite restaurants and i wouldn’t mind popping in, if i wasn’t so deterred by the high tax rate!!!


with their lake side view and next to none waiting time, i’m just another satisfied customer! although i wish they would improve their blueberry cheesecake, i would definitely go back for the pastas and the overall ambience.


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