Everyday Look | MAKEUP


i’ve never really liked spending a lot of time doing my make up. most of the looks i’ve posted were done in around ten to fifteen minutes. this is my everyday look that you can in less than ten minutes!

i’ve only worn a little bit of concealer here to cover any spots and done my brows. for eyeshadow i’ve worn colorbar’s small individual packet of dark brown!! no mascara or anything and i worn only colorbar’s innocent brown on my lips! this look is what i wear nearly every time i need to wear makeup and it gets done in less than ten minutes! simple and goes with all the outfits in my wardrobe!


it looks dark without the lipstick, so i wouldn’t advice going for this eyeshadow if you’re not wearing lipstick (i usually skip it), and here i’ve dabbed a bit on my lower lash line to highlight my eyes!


this is my favorite go-to look, although here it looks a bit different thanks to the expanding dark circles (university is getting tougher after moving us to the new campus) and the burden of a new grading system!!!


2 thoughts on “Everyday Look | MAKEUP”

    1. nothing!!! i just dab it a bit with the pad of my finger tbh bc i have glasses so i’m sensitive about what goes near my eye LOL


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