Line Work | #19


recently invested in a good quality sketchbook and some micro tip pens! i really like the quality of the pens, but i’m not too sure what kind of paper i should be using them on so i’m still struggling!


6 thoughts on “Line Work | #19”

  1. Nice lineart! I’m in awe over the details! *-*
    I suck at drawing buildings and landscapes.
    I am curious, what kind of sketchbook is that? The paper’s texture looks interesting. I also like the fact that you can detach the pages easily. Mine (even though it was kinda expensive) doesn’t really allow the paper to be taken out of it. I mean, it does, but most likely, the other sheets would fly out. ><

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    1. i’m not sure what kind of sketchbook it is 😦 it’s coarse paper and it’s actually better for pencil shading and watercolor!! It’s just a regular spiral bound coarse sheet art sketchbook!! <333 ahh i know those, i have one, but i refrain from using it!

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