Sakae | REVIEW

WhatsApp-Image-20160526 (2).jpg

i’ve been an anime fan for about nine years now, and i’d never really tried to get in touch with the rest of the culture, so i recently finished my course in japanese and thought i’d celebrate by heading out to japanese lunch!

sakae is authentic japanese, run by a fierce squad that knows their stuff! it’s the all round japanese experience i liked the most, wooden floors with mats and low tables to eat on (footwear off as soon as you enter) and chopsticks and even the plates/cutlery are different from our usual indian style.

i’ve always seen the characters ask for yakisoba, so that was the first thing i ordered, and i loved it! it’s noodles, either vegetarian or with your choice of meat, and spicy enough for me! for starters, we’d split a bowl of miso soup between ourselves, although it was a bit too sweet for our palates.

the zaru udon, flat noodles served with toppings and seaweed, came last. by then, we’d finished off the onigiri (cute rice balls wrapped in seaweed with fillings of your choice), and had no space for it. we ate a bit and took the rest to go, which i finished at home with my own handy-dandy chopsticks!

i’m heading back here soon to try out the omurice, okinomiyaki, and ramen!


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