Boho Bedroom | Tour


this is a full tour of my boho/hippie bedroom with a bunch of tips for those of you looking to decorate your room in a similar manner!

i love decorating my bedroom, but i was never satisfied with the way it turned out. then, two years ago, i decided to go for a more simple, cozy look! this color theme matches the rest of the house and is a combination of some of my favorite colors.

  • when you’re making a themed room, look for a range of colors that go together well rather sticking to one or two colors. i find a mix of colors refreshing; elements that go together well is a much better option!
  • different types of decoration is a must! don’t buy tons of the same thing
  • give your room space to breathe


you can see the brown material behind the pillows- that’s a shawl i picked up recently , like two months ago, from a trip to a great meditation hill station called kodaikanal in india recently! it cost me $1.50!


this is my bed: simple yet cozy. i made these curtains myself with simple white cloth folded over and then purchased a thick string which i’ve tied to the curtain rod on my window and a cabinet handle on the other side of the room. string it through and tie it up and you’re done! this whole thing cost me around $15!

  • keep a budget! the mandala hangings are really expensive for me, so i didn’t buy it! instead i found this lying around the house and used it!

the lights are pretty old and dying so i’ll need to replace them soon! the hanging mandala-ish thing is actually just a cheap blanket with a pretty design that matches the room theme! i started off with this and bought everything else to match.

  • don’t go overboard when buying decorations! a lot of these boho/hippie things are pretty easy to make as well!
  • pinterest is your best friend


this is the complete view of this side of my room! i have a cot next to the windows where i sit and read – at the other side of the cot (you can’t see it in the pictures), i have a ton of pillows. i have a marbled floor which i don’t particularly like, so i cover it up with a borrowed old yoga mat and a soft persian rug!

  • i wash and iron my curtains all the time
  • i have two back up bed spreads and i have a large collection of pillow covers
  • don’t worry too much about how it looks, worry about how comfy it is for you!
  • it takes time to accumulate these things, i took over a year to complete the look

let me know what you think of my room so far: i still have to decorate the other side!


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