Oriental Kitchen | REVIEW


i’d been to oriental kitchen once before for buffet, so i decided to head there again to explore their menu. today’s lunch just confirmed why this place is a 10!

we didn’t really order a lot, but we tried new things. the bao and the chicken lollipop are favorites from the last time i’d come here, so i made sure we got them this time too. the bao’s soft bread had me at tears at the way it melted in my mouth!



for the ‘main course’ – these are starters too, but we were stuffed by the time we were done with these so this was it – we ordered chicken dim sum and sushi: california fish rolls. i’m a huge fan of sushi, but it’s pretty rare in bangalore so i was beyond stoked to eat this delicacy. the ginger, wasabi, and sauce went well with the selection and the dim sum was steamy and rich in flavor.

if you’re a huge fan of legitimate oriental food that hasn’t been influenced by indian cooking, this is the second oriental restaurant that i’ve given a 10 to!


2 thoughts on “Oriental Kitchen | REVIEW”

    1. thank you so much!! tbh most of the times its like total failure, but i just like to head out there and try different things so i know which one i can head back to ❤ look for something that suits your palate and try it out!!! ❤

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