Casual | OOTD


clearly, i couldn’t think of a fancy name for this outfit. my favorite trousers are back for a really casual and simple look.-

this is the look i wore for a birthday lunch! i was looking to make it really comfortable since i knew i’d be stuffing myself to the point of no return (which i did). i paired up the trousers with a crop top, like i usually do, and wore my authentic wooden slippers that match my top to finish off the look.

this is pretty much the easiest outfit i’ve thrown together – wait scratch that there’s all the outfits i’ve worn with my sweats. but this is something you can wear for anything casual and semi-casual just in case you’re not in the mood to really dress up for it. the comfort in this was a ten and the odd combo really stands out.

here’s a selfie from that day – ( i even kept the make up simple: mascara and concealer! )

let me know what you think about this outfit. what other way do you think i can style these trousers?


7 thoughts on “Casual | OOTD”

    1. ahh thanks! tbh it isn’t long enough to be put into a bun??? but i’ll be sure to try out a tight half ponytail next time πŸ™‚


    1. thank you so much!! this outfit is probably my favorite outfit out of my entire wardrobe!! haha omg tysm!!!!! i love your blog too, its really unique and its on my fav topic ❀

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