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up until recently, i’d always struggled with severe acne. i used to just brush it off as hormones and thought i couldn’t do anything about it. about a year ago, i decided to work on my face vigorously and it’s finally, finally clear of acne! here are the best habits to deal with acne prone skin –

causes for acne are different for everybody, but these are the basic tips to keep your skin clean and prevent potential acne. there are two types that i used to get: whiteheads and cysts! i still have blackheads on my nose that simply won’t go away.

wash your face frequently:Β this one is no joke. cleaning your face 2-3 times a day moderately, especially after you’ve been outside, does wonders. make sure that you keep your hands away from your face; touching your face frequently transfers dirt and bacteria that could cause acne! don’t be too harsh on your face, however, with the cleaning. i’ve been told to keep my skin extra dry, so i wash it all three times with soap. you can just pat it down with water instead!

watch what you eat:Β it’s not exactly true that all junk food gives you acne, but all those spicy, oily, fried ones? those are pretty dangerous. but this doesn’t mean you have to cut them all off. i’ve only completely cut off chips and carbonated drinks, but i eat everything else. what i do is balance everything out. i eat these types of food rarely and i make sure to drink plenty of water. buttermilk, coconut water, and palm fruits are ideal for maintaining good body temperature and balancing out the harmful effect of any oily/fried/spicy items.

don’t touch your face: this one is pretty basic. don’t touch your face otherwise your transferring all that bacteria from your hand onto your face. use a napkin or your sleeve if you really have to!

clean your pillow covers/phone screens:Β dirt and bacteria accumulating on your phone screens and pillow covers are breeding grounds. i have pretty sensitive skin, so i tend to wash my covers every two weeks and i always wipe down my phone screen occasionally.

use a good face wash to exfoliate: exfoliating gets rid of all those dry/dead skin cells. it’s the way you take care of your skin after exfoliating that counts. i use a scrub based exfoliating face wash and afterwards, i apply my lotions/medicines depending on what day it is. i use a lot of Himalaya and Biotique products for this!

these are the major changes i made to my lifestyle in order to improve my acne. in addition to this, my entire food intake completely changed- i’ll do a blog post about that later! let me know if you find any of these tips helpful! at the moment, i’m working on ridding myself of the acne scars!



8 thoughts on “Tips For Acne Prone Skin | BEAUTY”

  1. My recent discovery has been applying raw honey to my face.It is naturally antibacterial and makes your skin soft and glowy. Make sure to use pure raw honey otherwise you’re dabbing 40% sugar to your face.

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  2. nice tips .. but to add on … apply milk cream before you go to bed leave it for 15 min ,helps a lot. sandalwood powder mixed with turmeric powder and milk and applied once in two days is a good option to acne prone skin.Apply multani mitti face pack once in a week to get clear skin πŸ™‚

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