Hairstyles for Short Hair | BEAUTY


when i cut my hair short, i thought all my problems would be solved, and they were. but i had a new one- how could i style this really short hair?

my haircut is pretty simple- it’s a bob with layers at the back to reduce the volume of the hair. it’s pretty short too, coming only an inch below my ear.


this is how it looks without any added serum, just damp and setting after a good wash. the hairstyles i’m going to be listing out are the ones i wear frequently during summer- to keep the hair off my neck while adjusting to the type of outfit that i’m wearing is the main objective here.

all of these hairstyles are no=heat and can be done in five to ten minutes tops if you really want them to be perfect!



this is easily my favorite. it takes only a minute to gather up all the hair above my ears and tie it low. i don’t tie it too far up because it’ll look too awkward due to the short length and bushy outcome of the half ponytail. this is great for keeping hair off of your face. i use this mainly for work and when i’m wearing anything semi-formal!




this one takes a bit of work. part your hair as you normally do or in the middle. gather the higher ends of your hair and braid it outwards, and finish off by pinning it with bobby pins to the back of the head to conceal the ends. this look is something i wear when i’m going for a softer, more boho look (my wardrobe is either OG Β and boho, nothing else!). however, this is difficult to maintain, so make sure your bobby pins are secure or carry extra when you’re heading out!




this is basically a variation of the half ponytail, where instead of tying a ponytail, you take all the hair above your ears and work it upwards into a bun. this isn’t something i’m really fond of wearing casually, and i only wear this when i’m going for a shoot or when i need it for a specific look!




this is probably the most elegant i’ve ever gotten with this hair- the low ponytail. it gathers all of the hair tightly and makes a small ponytail at the bottom of the neck. this look is something i use when i’m wearing an outfit that has a wide neck cut to emphasize my collar bones and shoulders!


let me know which one of these hairstyles you like the best! once i start experimenting with the curling iron, i’ll be able to post more about the different types of styles you can adopt with extremely short hair!

for more posts check out my instagram: @bbyannxe


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